Our team has taken a step back to observe the fabric of the society that we reside in - to allow us to analyse how we can help vulnerable youth from the urban demographic.

In a world that lacks equality we have taken it upon ourselves to change that narrative in the world of exclusive footwear. We, at Sole Decree have created a unique campaign that benefits our youth belonging to the same demographic that we too grew up in.

The purpose of our campaign is to help children that are not fortunate enough to purchase the latest trending sneakers and opportune them to get their hands on a fresh pair of customised soles!

We will be gifting one lucky boy/girl each month a pair of Air Jordan 1's or Air Force 1's customised to their liking. Each month, we will collaborate with different companies who specialise in customising footwear to bring their shoe to life! 

For now, this is only available in the London region however we will be expanding as we go!
Here’s how you can get involved:
  • If you happen to know of any youth between 8-15 years old within the London area who would benefit from our campaign, please contact us either via social media or using or contact us form also stating why you believe they will benefit from this. 
  • - With each purchase on our website, you will be given an option to donate an amount to the campaign which will help grow the movement!